Extreme Icing

I don’t really pride myself as being a master baker, my cakes always turn out the same stodgy lumps no matter what I do, but the icing part, I feel I’m quite a dab hand at, especially given all the gizmos and pots of edible whatever etc to create a dazzling sensation of a cake. So imagine my envy when I came across Shelley Millers work….

All of this is icing, edible blue paint on sugar tiles and piped sugary details in an unbelievable art form. Montreal based artist Shelley creates her pieces purely for art, she is no cake baker. 

These Azulejo style murals can now be found in various ports around the world including Montreal and Salvador, Brazil. Obviously, they don’t last forever, being made solely of sugar, but some last longer than others…

The detail is incredible and definitely not one that I’ll be attempting to recreate on my lardy cupcakes, I think sticking to sugar flowers and a bit of glitter is as far as I’m going and at least mine are edible (kind 0f)!

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Leather Forever

To celebrate their 175th anniversary, Hermes have opened an exhibition in London at 6 Burlington Gardens, the sister to the Royal Academy of Arts, featuring some of their most famous designs. 

Naturally, the Kelly and the Birkin bag will be displayed as well as equestrian related items too. Hermes began as saddle and harness maker, so it is only right to expect to see the swankiest of saddles on show

Best not to use this one on a muddy and grumpy Shetland pony!

These four bags represent Wales, Ireland, England and Scotland and will be auctioned off together with other leather must haves with all funds donated to The Royal Academy of Art.

And you can’t miss this Neon Kelly Bag, created by Alexandra Plat

Even if Hermes is not your thing or not in your budget, the latter being the most normal, you can’t help but appreciate the craftmanship of these products, the talented artisans train for years and years to produce and maintain the quality that is demanded.

And for the real addicts, some of the Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection will be featured and auctioned too.

The exhibition runs from May 8th to 27th, entry is free, unlike the bags, but maybe you can play some imaginary shopping and decide which colour or colours you would have…

More than 3 is just greedy!

Leather Forever, 6 Burlington Gardens, London, W1. May 8th-27th…free entry!!!

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Perfectly Imperfect

As a child I was lucky enough to grow up on the beach, but not this one…

This one if you’re wondering is The Reethi Rah in the Maldives…I recommend it! Back to my childhood beach, not quite so heavenly, south coast of England, looking over the English Channel, sometimes a glimpse of the Isle of Wight (sign of bad weather coming) very little sand and lots of shingle, oh and add to the glory, just up the road…a beach hut or two!

I’ve never really understood a beach hut, probably because I lived so close to the sea, so I dragged my towel from the house and went back again for lunch, there was no need for a gritty ham sandwich on the stones and there was no need nor desire for a beach hut…ever, until I saw this one…

Located on the sand dunes of Cabo Polonio on the east coast of Uruguay, to me it’s perfect imperfection.

Whitewashed walls and floors, exposed wooden rafters and earthy sand tones

Bright blue skies, white soft sand…

And no bucket and spades, no kiss me quick hats and definitely no donkey rides!

some images via http://www.style-files.com

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Flower Explosion

Beautiful images of flowers dissected and photographed by Qi Wei…

The whole series amounts to 20 different prints and all are available to purchase on http://www.fqwimages.com

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Free Hermes Clutch

Now thats got your attention! But before you start hyperventilating with excitement, calm yourself a little because, yes it’s a free Hermes clutch, the Jige Clutch to be precise, it might not stand up to the CONSTANT rain that we are enjoying here in the UK, but it might work as a pretty receipt holder (indoor, desk drawer variety) and it will provide a rather satisfying craft moment…summon the children, particularly the girls. For the American audience, with Mothers Day fast approaching, its a cute little homemade gift, stick a photo, poem, letter in it and bingo satisfaction guaranteed!

All you do is click on http://www.lesailes.hermes.com/us/en, then click on the photo with the cut out bag image THEN click on “I want it”, print, cut, glue and you’re done! Here’s the choice…

Thank you Hermes!

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Bake A Chair

Growing up I always obsessed over dolls houses and still do for that matter, all the incredible little pieces of furniture and details, a browse around a dolls house shop was a favourite childhood activity and even without the stately house I craved to fill with miniature bowls of plastic fruit and cardboard paintings I still managed to build a very nice collection of decor which I then passed onto Daughter R who promptly ignored it in favour of Polly Pockets, it was packed away years ago!  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to come across this cake mould to beat all cake moulds.

Once tipped out the cakes look like this…

Tiny furniture cakes all ready to be decorated and placed somewhere, probably not a dolls house, but a very cute house warming afternoon tea gift???

Created by a company called Sapore Dei Mobili, nice and easy to remember! And they don’t exactly look like cake bakers do they? Smile lads!

Anyway, bring on the next charity cake sale please!


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Snazzy Log Stacking

Ever since I saw this photo by Mark Borthwick of the neatest log stacking I ever did see…

I decided that my sorry stack of logs just isn’t up to standard…

And even worse, the wonky log basket won’t be winning any style awards…

After a little more snooping around I then find this display…

And then this one simply pushed me over the edge….

Clearly, my logs are a bit of an eyesore, not sure how I can get them to this level of borderline OCD logging, but very very soon, I know this rain will stop and then no more fires will be needed and I’ll have all summer to think about it!

some images via: Mark Borthwick, Lena Proudlock Photography, Van Der Merive Miszewski Architects and http://www.camillestyles.com

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