Does it still count…..???

Wherever you were at midnight on New Years Eve, did you think to yourself….”OK then….time to kick in the New Years resolution” or did you think… “no actually, wait until I wake up and am therefore properly into the New Year and THATS when the resolution begins” or like me, you’ve managed to skip through January and still no sign of the resolution….until now. Mine was and still is to start a blog. Yes, its February, but it still counts doesn’t it !!!!!!

You, as a faithful friend, will have been bombarded by me to sign up and read my blog, don’t worry it’s free. I can’t promise you a life changing experience on a daily basis, but maybe I can offer a pocket of something lovely….

might be a new beauty product find of mine…..

or…a travel tip

or…a new recipe

or…some blurb on a charity

or…a chin wag with a go getter


or…a home decor hint

or…a fab pair of shoes

or…a bit of craft

or….some inspiring words

But…whatever it is, it will be completely honest and hopefully bring you a little smile if only for the one minute or so that I reckon it will take you to read it! Obviously, if you choose to leave a comment, that would make me very happy, but it will take up a little more of your time…. see you soon.

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12 Responses to Does it still count…..???

  1. Janine says:

    O my word, please provide the recipe for that lovely “tart” at the top of this post! It looks absolutely gorgeous! Look forward to reading the rest in due course…

  2. Susan Stille says:

    It’s looking good girl!!! Sxxx

  3. Ian Greig says:

    Ya! O.K. Lets read on……. Have not shown Mother Yet????

  4. Vicky Greenley says:

    Good for you! I will be checking in for those recipes! Lol from the greedy Labrador! X

  5. Karen Howes says:

    Loving the blog, will be following – already been to Estee Lauder!!! LOL Karenx

  6. best daughter! x says:

    Mummy its soooo good!!!

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