Goodbye Sleepless Nights

Over the years I’ve become the worst sleeper in the world and have grown to avoid my bed. I lie there working through the “to do” lists of the next coming days, weeks and years, then I mentally redecorate a house that I dont own, retrain for a new career which can range from a midwife to an Oscar winning actress (Lead actress, not supporting, by the way) and then the multiple crisis decisions managing teenage son B and soon to be teenage daughter R and so it goes on and on until the early hours and then I finally drop off to sleep for if I’m lucky 5 ish hours……this is not normal!

I’ve tried and tested all the do’s and donts to get a good nights sleep….dont watch TV, dont use the computer, dont drink loads of booze and do have some quiet time, do read a book, do meditate. Still no joy. Until now… one of my favourite companies This Works has delivered yet again with its range of sleep products….

A bedtime bath for me is a rare treat and needs planning, but if the window appears then a bath with This Works deep sleep bath soak is a must and if there is time to run a bath then the This Works candle should be lit. Straight away, you’ll have a Spa “look” and a Spa “aroma” in your bathroom and the best thing about a candle is that all your bathroom clutter (obviously I dont have any) disappears  into the darkness. If you bypass the bath moment then spray onto your pillow This Works deep sleep pillow spray. Then rub onto your wrist pressure points and temples too if you like the This Works sleep balm and as long as you haven’t watched The Exorcist or worse The Only Way Is Essex you will soon find that bed is a good place and sleep just happens.

Check out and especially now as they are including a stress less aromatherapy roll on as a freebie.

Sweet dreams….

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2 Responses to Goodbye Sleepless Nights

  1. Ian Greig says:

    Mother will buy the hand cream??????????????????

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