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Bon Ski

Packed, done, headed to the airport….

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I’m leaving tomorrow for a weeks skiing in Courchevel, which means packing for me…easy, unpacking daughter R’s entire wardrobe from her bag and hours of negotiating the negatives of bringing 4 pairs of denim shorts, floral espadrilles , sequin tops … Continue reading

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Beach Activity

Next time you find yourself on the beach and getting a little bored of the endless sun, lapping waves and Grazia, take a leaf out of San Francisco based artist Andres Amador’s beach activity. Using only a rake and mate … Continue reading

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Paris aMUSEment

Oh to be a Paris Muse, in fact lets face it, oh to be an anything, anyones, any place, Muse. ¬†Well now here is your BIG chance. Move right over chic French women, the Brits are coming and with the … Continue reading

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Bananarama Shake

This is a genius way to remove those browning banana beauties from your fruit bowl. Peel the bananas, cut them into 4 pieces, wop them into zip lock bags and store them in your freezer. Then when you are ready … Continue reading

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Feeling Invisible????

Fascinating Chinese artist Liu Bolin manages to make himself invisible whilst creating the most thought provoking art. He camouflages himself using paint to hide and blend into the surroundings. A little creepy and definitely has the edge over “Where’s Wally?” … Continue reading

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Pool Party

When I lived in New York, my house might have looked like this… Actually it didn’t, I lived in a high rise on the Upper East Side, it was the nineties thank you and downtown wasn’t so cool then, the … Continue reading

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