Flip Flop Fantasy

Yesterday felt like summer! Ok maybe I’m getting a little overexcited about seeing the sunshine in March in England for more than five seconds, so how about, yesterday felt like spring! But, it did get me thinking and longing about the coming summer months and would we get a continuous heat wave from May until September, with a few showers in between to keep all the gardeners happy and rivers filled and wild animals alive and all the reasons why we justify that rain is good in August. One of my favourite things about a warm day is the foot attire and if I’m really lucky the lack of it, love a bare foot moment, especially on grass, which is why these green flip flops are going to be winding their way to me from down under as soon as I can press the checkout button.

Made by an Australian company called Kusa, website is http://www.kusashoes.com and they will happily ship to the UK for a cost of $AUD11.00 add that to the flip flop cost of $AUD29.95   I’m told that it works out to be roughly £35. Obviously the grass isn’t real, it’s called Syn-Turf which is a synthetic material that feels like grass, looks like grass, just doesn’t need mowing.

I know they wont be my chic-est look and they may even be confined to inside the property line along with my fit flops and I doubt I’ll be making any imprints on the sand…

But when the next gloomy, grey, wet, day happens here in England, I can at least pretend that my kitchen is in fact, a field!

Images via http://www.kusashoes.com

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4 Responses to Flip Flop Fantasy

  1. sheridan says:

    Tory, How do I instruct my gardener to trim the edges and will they not get caught up in my Kubota ????

  2. best daughter! x says:

    I want a pair!! PLEASE!!

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