Four at 34

“Doing” lunch is not exactly my worst, but there has to be a pretty good reason for me to down tools and spend a couple of hours at the table in the middle of the day….I’m just too much of a fidget! A birthday celebration always ticks the box and so that’s why four gals ended up at 34 – not age 34 (that feels like decades ago)  but 34 the latest Richard Caring Mayfair restaurant.

34 has a very grown up feel to it, white tablecloths, little table lamps and lots of glasses. The overall look is English Edwardian meets Art Deco with the bespoke charcoal parilla grill imported from Argentina being the centrepiece of the open plan kitchen so whilst watching the chefs in action, you can easily imagine you are in a private members club in America, they even have the numerous flags flying outside! The atmosphere was very buzzy and city like, but the punters were not all suited and men, in fact next to our table was another group of ladies lunching.

We forced ourselves to have a glass of champagne, in fact we ordered a bottle, purely because it’s a birthday “do” and it’s more frugal to get a bottle!

Great choice of bread and loved the butter display…

34 considers itself to be a steak house, with its meat imported from Scotland, Australia, America and of course Argentina, so it’s a carnivores heaven and as tempted as we all were to order the burger….none of us did! Two of us, me and the birthday girl…Mrs S, ordered Spiced spatchcock chicken with a pine nut and winter slaw….delicious!

Mrs B ordered the Mixed endive with Dorset crab with an avocado and dill dressing, I’m told it was fantastic….

And Mrs E ordered the Tiger prawn and monkfish brochette with a spiced butternut squash relish and again I’m told it was a goody….

Sadly, we had no room for a proper pudding, shame, as I really could have done with trying the Rhubarb and custard jelly, not to mention the Butterscotch sponge  or the Vanilla doughnuts with chocolate sauce. We did however manage the truffles and the freshly baked cookies which were beyond amazing, literally melting with chocolate – white and dark and it nearly killed me to share them.

Definitely revisiting and sounds like the evenings would be fun here too, as the piano in the bar is played on and there are live jazz nights!

And the icing on the cake… Miller Harris products in the loo’s !!!!

Reservations a must!

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