Myriad…not Marni !

I’m not very good in queues which is why you wont be surprised to hear that on Thursday, I DID NOT schlep over to H&M Oxford Street and line up to bag a few pieces from their new Marni collection, much as I do feel quite strongly that more than one of those tops/dresses/skirts/ deserves a place in my wardrobe, for now I am more than happy to sit back and watch the bidding commence on Ebay. Instead, I headed to Clarendon Cross in Notting Hill, one of my favourite little pockets of London and to one of the loveliest shops….Myriad.

Myriad was opened in 1964 by  Sara Fenwick who has spent the years constantly scouring markets both in England and abroad  to create a shop that is filled top to toe with her special and different finds.

Her collection of antique and contemporary furniture and decorative objects for the home and garden is constantly updated…

And a weekly visit is essential…just so you dont miss out!

But don’t even think of dashing in and out in 5 mins, because it’ll take you that long to even get through the first smallish room…

Then there’s the big room at the back which is the place to dump your bag and cosy up for a bit….

Literally drool over the backgammon boards by Alexandra Llewellyn… who if you are lucky, may well be sitting there to inspire a new bespoke design

Then downstairs, which again is time consuming, these people are out to get you as they have lined the walls to the lower floors of goodies with the most DIVINE childrens’ knitwear by Elfie and I’m thinking a smart move would be to buy it now for future grandchildren…. and NO teenage son B, that does not mean what you think it might mean… you are 15!!!!

Did you get the knitted mouse on the shoulder?? 

And if I’m buying the clothes….

Back upstairs to ponder and justify other pieces…

And I definitely need this and no I don’t hate gardening…

And the flocks of birds will appreciate this…

And whatever you do, make a fuss of Crumble ( the stand in house dog), Wally the proper house dog was on his day off….

Back outside, the sun is shining so straight to Julie’s for a skinny decaf….I’m telling you, this is a good spot in town… an all rounder!!!

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