Happy St Patrick’s Day

An Irish Coffee to me, is definitely not the height of sophistication, in fact it kind of sits comfortably at the end of a Prawn cocktail, Steak Diane and Black Forest Gateau  three courser from your local Beefeater…yes they still exist! However, today its St Patrick’s Day and so all things Irish should be celebrated, for a man, particularly Irish, that will no doubt mean sitting in a pub getting hammered. For a slightly more gentile way of embracing the day, why not try this version of an Irish Coffee, it’s the swanky version and looks quite chic too…

Even though the photo shows 2 glasses, this recipe is for 1

Pour 25ml Irish whiskey, 1 tbsp whiskey liqueur, 1 tsp sugar syrup, 1 dbl espresso and 1 tbsp of Irish cream liqueur into a cocktail shaker. (yes you do have all those ingredients to hand and a cocktail shaker too)

Add a scoop of crushed ice and shake well

Pour the mixture into your glass, chuck a clover on the top for garnish if you like!

You could always make some shortbread and ice them with clovers for extra points…

Michael Flatley would be proud !!!!

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