Tea At The Castle

Sorry to bang on about Mother’s Day again, but just wanted to share what I did with my mother! I took a little road trip down to West Sussex where I grew up and my mother still lives, right on the south coast practically floating in the English Channel. About 5 miles away is the pretty village of Amberley and it’s poshest resident the 900 year old Amberley Castle.

Amberley Castle is a luxury hotel nestled in the foot of the South Downs with a working portcullis which is closed at night time, so no sneaking extra guests!

The most enchanting gardens…

And a resident peacock or two….

The medieval stonework is just stunning and a walk around the gardens reveals many a pocket of magical history…

Before heading inside for tea, we bumped into the Head Chef, James Duggan who has the biggest dog in the world and as my mother has a ridiculous fear of dogs she went flying off at top speed to find her cuppa. I stood there chatting to him making really pathetic jokes about the size of his dog and then realized that it was HIS cottage pie recipe torn out of a Sunday supplement that I screwed up so badly with the carrot content that my guests decided to rename it Carrot Pie, flipping rude! Didn’t share that one with him! Find mother, find tea!

I was so overexcited about my posh tea that I’d scoffed half of it before I remembered to take a photo

And yes took a doggie bag, got that sickly smile from the waiter telling me most people asked for one when I know what he was really thinking! Anyway it was all delicious and I wasn’t going to leave a crumb behind!

 On the way out as you crunch down the long gravel drive, you pass the most fantastic tree house and after a small amount of delving  I’ve discovered that it’s called Mistletoe Lodge and it is indeed for hire… private dinner parties, drinks and even a wedding.

Next visit here must check in, the lack of a spa is not too big a problem as there are tennis courts, a golf course, plenty of country walks and plenty of chatting with mother!


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