Beautiful Backgammon

A while ago I popped into Myriad, the shop from heaven in Notting Hill and whilst I was hyperventilating over all the goodies in there I bumped into Alexandra Llewellyn, backgammon board creator extraordinaire (she often mans the shop so perfect timing). One of her exquisite boards was on display and it really is a work of art.

All of the boards are hand crafted from wood, then painted and finished with 15 layers of hand applied lacquer and Alexandra, using her Egyptian roots has ensured to capture the original Middle Eastern  sound and feel too. These are the ultimate in backgammon boards.

She also offers a bespoke service allowing you to create your very own unique board, what better way to portray your life as a game! By using inlaid silhouettes of whoever you choose, kids, dogs, husband (s !!!!), significant others! Words, names and even the counters can be personalized 

Prices start from £1800 so they are an investment to say the least BUT I believe these could be tomorrows antiques and so your grandchildren might have something to thank you for !

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