Well Heeled !

It doesn’t happen alot (sadly), but from time to time a killer heel can be spotted tottering up and down the sideline of a school match, it usually belongs to a overseas godparent (young type)  who doesn’t know any better, just off the plane from Hong Kong to reconnect with the baby they left at the christening 15 years before. Or there are some nutters who simply can’t bear to be without a heel and a muddy football pitch is no excuse for a flat or  please no…a wellie!  The idea of having to wear one of these pastel visions even though bang on trend colour wise is hell on earth to the serious heel wearers.

So well played Hunter Boots, who have clearly witnessed a sideline heel crisis and have come up with a nifty solution… The Lapins, a wellie with a heel!

In stylish black…or you could go with a cream

Full length not quite happening for you, then opt for The Gabby…

Don’t panic, it’s available in cream too!

And if you’re partial to a wedge, then The Fitzrovia is the boot of choice for you

Maybe a latex catsuit to complete the look, I think a whip might be going a bit far, it is a school match after all….

And finally The Earlham, the chicest of them all I feel..

This one I could see myself in, not to a school football/netball/lacrosse/rugby  match, but anything else, well actually not the beach. But what a massive relief to the non wellie non flat wearing crew, finally well heeled on the sideline!


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