Pool Party

When I lived in New York, my house might have looked like this…

Actually it didn’t, I lived in a high rise on the Upper East Side, it was the nineties thank you and downtown wasn’t so cool then, the meatpackers district was full of meatpackers and it stank down there. Naturally if I lived there now, I would OBVIOUSLY live in the cool area, in some Diane von Furstenberg esk super cool apartment…

Getting back to the townhouse…like London, they all look fairly similar, but open the door to this 5 storey gem and look at what greets you in the living room…

A 30,000 gallon, 8ft deep swimming pool complete with swing!

Now I know an indoor pool is not that unusual, but more often than not they are tucked away in the basement, how fab to have one in the hub of the house. Of course you probably wouldn’t get permission nowadays, health and safety blah de blah, but since this one was built in 1975, it’s grandfathered and it’s staying!

The rest of the house isn’t bad either, nice plant atrium…

Nice library!!!

All very very memorable, so if an invite comes through for Sunday lunch, pack your swimmers and goggles, but maybe leave any toddlers behind.

Images via dornob.com and Architectural Digest USA March 2012 issue

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