Feeling Invisible????

Fascinating Chinese artist Liu Bolin manages to make himself invisible whilst creating the most thought provoking art. He camouflages himself using paint to hide and blend into the surroundings.

A little creepy and definitely has the edge over “Where’s Wally?”  but I think you would agree its incredible, sometimes one single shot can take 10 hours. And this artist is still fighting the good fight as his studio was closed in 2005 by the Chinese government and he remains unsuppressed, hidden yes, but highly visible too.

images via google

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One Response to Feeling Invisible????

  1. Tara says:

    I’ve seen these before, they are very cool aren’t they? The only bplroem I have with when these pictures are posted is that everyone keeps saying that he *painted himself*. But he has a team of assistants that paint him. He’s the conceptual artist and he directs them but he doesn’t actually paint himself -it would be a near impossible feat. Sorry to split hair, but as an art teacher I try hard to distinguish who gets the correct credit for the work they actually do. cgw

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