Paris aMUSEment

Oh to be a Paris Muse, in fact lets face it, oh to be an anything, anyones, any place, Muse.  Well now here is your BIG chance. Move right over chic French women, the Brits are coming and with the help of photographer Carla Coulson we could end up looking just like this…

Carla Coulson is an Australian photographer living in Paris whose work has featured in Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Entertaining and many, many more fashion and travel mags.  She’s also photographed no less than 6 photographic books, written 3 herself and contributes to several blogs including her own Carla Loves Photography and one of my loves My French Essence. She’s quite the busy lass. To celebrate the launch of her new site she is offering a chance to win one of her Paris Muse sessions, a 4 hour shoot with hair and make up in the Hotel Lancaster in Paris with a female friend/mother/daughter. Bring your own posh frock and maybe a jewel or two!

Most of us don’t relish 4 hours in front of a camera, but Carla understands how women feel about their bodies and how we want to be photographed ( proper side on profile is not a good look for me, it kind of screams “get a nose job”) but she will put you at ease and use all her photographic techniques to flatter your face and body, all your female insecurities are lost.

To end up having the ultimate portrait in Paris, spending the day in Paris, no point going home at the end of the day spending the night in Paris and returning home top to toe with Parisian chic, accent included I feel for real authenticity  and if you really want to embrace it you could read Paris Match on the Eurostar…this is what you need to do…

Follow this link or copy and paste it if the link doesn’t work…


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Good Luck !!!!

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7 Responses to Paris aMUSEment

  1. hi
    found your blog via Carla
    nice tribute and great ad for her

  2. Dear Tory,

    You are such a sweetie..Thank-you for the wonderful post, so incredibly generous of you.. Loving your blog, adored the post on the sand art.. So cool.. Carla

    • toryfisher says:

      Thank you so much! I love your blog too, the photos are stunning!

      • Dale says:

        Autumn – OMG these freaking rock! They look like SO much fun! I love the shots with the rcptuie of the woman in the background how awesome that the stars aligned and you found those perfect angles and shots! Miss ya! xoxo

    • Kataoka says:

      Dear Tory,You are such a sweetie..Thank-you for the wfoedrnul post, so incredibly generous of you.. Loving your blog, adored the post on the sand art.. So cool.. Carla

  3. Erick says:

    This is just the perfect awsenr for all of us

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