First Day Success

Well I’ve managed to get back onto skis again after tearing a calf muscle last year and swearing (loudly) that I would NEVER ski again. It’s not my favourite thing to do, dont get me wrong I love being in the mountains and the whole ski vibe, sunny lunches on terraces or cozied up by raging log fires, a whole days outside, healthy, activity with the kids, it’s just the actual skiing that doesn’t quite work for me and I’m so envious of everyone else who loves it they’re out first thing in the morning as soon as the chair lifts are cranked into action. I want to love it! And everyone else seems to ski effortlessly whereas I am so troubled and flipping frightened having picked up 2 injuries in the past 4 years, I now ski like a dalek and you can bet I will do the most unelegant 360 spin and end up flat on my back..on a daily basis! But not today, I managed to stay upright all day, great start to the hols and always good to keep my instructor happy…

So we headed off to Meribel in the most glorious of conditions, the snow was incredible (so I’m told….how would I know) with a little pit stop half way through the morning and arriving for lunch at le Blanchot, a real fave amongst the ski set in the area.

It was blistering hot, but luckily I’ve discovered the all round benefits of Estee Lauders Daywear BB cream….SPF 35, all round flawless finish that lasts all day and Rimmels SPF 20 lipstick in Pink Nude so good protection without a slippery look, little top up at lunch and good to go for the rest of the day.

Because it was so hot, nobody really tucked into the obligatory steak frites except the male teenagers, we all ate fairly light and ended up saying yes to carpaccio de melon avec fraises, such a vision to look at and must be easy to recreate…

And Salade de fruit avec sorbet, the chicest fruit salad I’ve seen in a while…

 Shots were turned down at the end of lunch, perhaps thats why I remained upright for the rest of the day, skied back to Courchevel feeling a little more confident, my hands had stopped their full on shaking and were now down to a small tremor. I love the end of the day skiing, not just because I’ve made it through the day, it really is quite the challenge, but I love to see the the town winding down with the sun setting

And then it turns into this…

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