Back to Meribel

Another glorious day here in The Alps, so spoiling to have come from the sunshine in London to the sunshine here, the pastel cashmere V neck collection was definitely a good idea to bring! So back to Meribel again as the other half of my group (The A Team) went to Val Thorens for seriously good skiing because they are seriously good skiers and the Telebar is a good half way meeting point with an excellent outside terrace.

The D Team, that would be me ( for seriously bad skiers) arrived at the restaurant looking pretty much the same as we looked when we walked out the door this morning, whereas The A Team arrived practically on their knees, exhausted and icicles adorning unshaven faces, clearly as hard going as an expedition to the North Pole. Anyway, a few pression later and a variety of Savoyarde dishes… Salade de Savoyarde, Omelet Savoyarde or Savoyarde Pate, everyone was recharged and ready to go…almost. I had to try the Cafe Gourmand, I’m not really a pudding person, I’m more a digging my spoon into everyones plate but not ordering my own, a little taster of everything suits me to a tee, so the Cafe Gormand is my perfect pudd!

Apple tart, Fruit salad, Blueberry Mousse, Vanilla Mousse and cafe noisette all very delicious and all worth coming back to Meribel for! Oh and if anyone cares apart from me, I had another upright day today!

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