Bel Air Not LA

So another glorious day here in Courchevel and another successful day at keeping upright. Might be tempting fate if I keep harping on about my lack of face snow contact, but just can’t help myself and even when I see other people falling into the snow I am feeling a little smug…such a bad move as any minute its bound to happen!!! Stopped in at Bel Air today…

Love this place and their legendary Salade Bel Air was ordered, such a simple dish but hits the spot every time, iceberg, a walnut or two and grated cheese with their dressing, a winner!

I have now decided to survey the Cafe Gourmand (the winner to be announced when I am full)  from lunch to lunch and therefore another was presented today

Creme Brulee, Chocolate Mousse and Raspberry Lemon tart with a cafe noisette, very very good, felt overloaded at the end, but in a good way and this one was better than yesterday so its top of the Cafe Gourmand chart so far!

And then back to the slopes via an Orlinski piste sculpture or two

Would look just perfect in the garden non?

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