Up The Mountain Not Down

As the A Team dashed off to prepare for their downhill slalom race after lunch, I decided to change the order of service in my day and donned some skins to slide up the mountain and not down.

It was quite the challenge and I couldn’t help but feel that all the skiers passing us were sniggering, but what a fantastic workout and for me a welcome break, at the end of the day there’s no avoiding the actual ski moment because all you do is whip off the skin from your skis secure your binding flat and back down the mountain you go. 

We skinned up to Les Verdons, thats an hour and half of up mountain walking!

This is a perfect midway stop in Courchevel, all very rustic and ski themed inside, toboggans on the wall…

And of course, you’re never far from a goat…

Fairly basic menu, but todays Cafe Gourmand was a big hit and definitely championing for the top spot

Chocolate mousse (again, but a goodie), Tiramisu which is one of my all time favourite pudds, but I tend not to order it due to the raised eyebrow I get from across the table rather like when I order a Baileys …with ice! And a Macaroon sandwiched with Pistachio ice cream.  Need to get back onto the skins to work this lot off! Passed yet another heart warming sculpture on the way down…

And then onto the slalom race to cheer on the lads, we sat  amongst the super skiers including the British Ski Team, so naturally I didn’t admit to my activity earlier in the day and made sure my skins were pushed right to the bottom of the rucksack as we watched the bold and the brave fling themselves down the mountain…

They all achieved it in less than 30 seconds, so well done the A Team, I had a go on the piste next to it when nobody was looking and it took me a good 3 minutes so no medals for me except a personal pat on the back for bravery!

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