Snows A Melting

Today we woke up in a cloud. Skiing in poor visibility for me is on the one hand an absolute nightmare for obvious reasons and lets not forget how many other skiers can bash into me. On the other hand, it’s quite good because then I don’t actually see the piste ahead of me that I’ve got to monkey why way down and the really big bonus is that nobody else can see my dreadful technique. Anyway I decided another session on the skins would be worthwhile given the enormous amount of food and wine consumed the night before. After my mountain workout, we then skied down to Courchevel 1300 to Le Praz for lunch at La Table de mon Grand Pere.

This is such a great restaurant, family owned for donkey’s years, in fact the latest Grand Pere only just passed away a few weeks ago. You are greeted by the obligatory tartes as you arrive and surrounded yet again by the rustic decor that can only seem charming here, I have to keep telling myself there is no place in my home for such things as this squirrel lamp, but damn I want it!

Here they make the BEST chestnut veloute, I have tried to copy it, but today I got a very strong reminder how badly I have failed. And of course a Cafe Gourmand was ordered, it’s now become the first thing I check for on the menu.

Raspberry Pannacotta, Fruit Crumble, Creme Anglais with Meringue, Tiny Cookie with Chocolate, Genapi and Noisette of course. Ten out of ten for presentation, but apart from the Creme Anglais, it was all a bit much and ending up leaving most of it…oops!  The sun was now out, so time to head back to 1850 in the slush, snow is definitely melting!

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