Mission Accomplished

Last day on the slopes today and I’m happy to report that this week for the first time in my skiing history I didn’t fall, slip or 360 and yes I did a black run and one or two off piste moments, so all thanks to Olivier my instructor who said goodbye to me tonight, kicked off his skis and literally sprinted out of sight before I decided on one more run!

We stopped in at La Soucoupe for lunch today, fantastic location, proper cosy inside and great food if you are a big time meat eater.

No Cafe Gourmand! I could have created my own personal version by ordering 4 different pudds, disecting them into tiny bits and then carried on with my game….but really?? So back to the apartment which I haven’t mentioned yet, but I couldn’t leave without sharing the hand painted every detail about it. Now I’m quite the fan of hand painting walls, furniture, stuff, but in a fairly subtle way, top to toe doesn’t work for me, but clearly the owner of this place thinks differently…

Even the ceilings…

So we leave Courchevel as it verges on it’s annual Easter frenzy, instructors dressed as Easter bunnies skiing down the piste throwing eggs into the snow with psychotic children behind them. Giant chocolate eggs everywhere….

I swear this is the same one in the lobby for the past 3 years so wont be stuffing it into my bag. Will wait until Geneva airport and stock up on some posh, fresh choc there. Au revoir Couchevel! 

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