Just One More….

I promise this is my final say on Courchevel and I hope that I’m not being a bore, but just had to mention my favourite shop, “Chez Ma Cousine”

Even though we stuffed ourselves to a ridiculous level every lunchtime, come the evening we all had twitching hunger pangs again and after a de-ski hot bath, nobody could really face getting dolled up and going out to eat, so I became chalet girl (a rather aged type) and produced supper indoors! Easily done with a quick pit stop at the Spar supermarche and this local super shop to hand. 

A sausage…

A cheese…

An egg…

An oil…

A fois gras (friendly duck only please)…

And a jam…

All displayed with effortless style that the French are so good at, food shopping has never been so chic, I just needed a bicycle with a whicker basket to complete the look, but thinking about it, don’t really fancy my chances of cycling in the snow!

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