It’s The Diamond Must Have!

I love the build up to a big national celebration…last year the Royal Wedding, this year the Olympics and of course The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with it’s pageants galore and maybe even a lucky ticket to The BBC Diamond Jubilee Concert. So, many a wardrobe dilemma looming, but one accessory that is a definite must, is the Celebration Wrist Tie.

As with many innovative products, it’s two school mums Karen Nicol and Leanne Bodell-Forbes who have developed this gem of a memento and launched it under the company name Celebration Wrist Tie. It’s British designed and British made and 10% of all sales will be donated to The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust. These beautiful, embroidered, Swarovski sparkling wrist ties are going to be the souvenir’s to beat, a tea towel isn’t going to hit the mark in quite the same way. Already snapped up by this group of very fashion fussy girls who if they had their own way would have one in each colour!

And here’s the choice…

The Buckingham, midnight blue velvet and Swarovski crystal adorned… £4.99

The Windsor, duck egg blue velvet and a Swarovski crystal… £4.99

The Princess, pastel pink (so on trend) and a crystal or two… £4.99

The Sandringham, navy grosgrain ribbon…£3.99

The Sandhurst, khaki green grosgrain ribbon…£3.99

And finally, The Balmoral, red velvet and those crystals again…£4.99

My advice….get straight onto the website and get shopping now!

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