Name That Bike

Lately I’ve become a bit of a biker – not the leather jacket, tattooed, bandana wearing biker, more of a cyclist – nor the lycra short, clicky-clacky shoe wearing cyclist –   just a normal cyclist.  And before anyone takes offense, I am NOT having a go at bikers or keeno cyclists,  I think you’re all great, its just not me! I don’t actually own a bike myself, I tend to borrow one of the swanky ones belonging to some of the family members, but the 500 gears are a trifle tedious..too much choice and I’m petrified of breaking them. I tend to hire my bikes, a Boris when in town of course…obviously this is not me…any of them!

….and then anything that has two wheels at any local country park will do! But I’ve found that amongst the cycling community there is definitely an “us” and “them” thing going on, “us” being the owners and “them” being the hirers, particularly in London where the Boris can scream out tourist and to a local that’s a little insulting. So I’ve decided I want to be an owner, first port of call the new Dolce and Gabana bike of course

But at over £2000 thats nearly 7 years of hiring a Boris and leopard print is not really my look and I’d quite like something a little more me like this beauty….

This takes customizing bikes to a whole new level. Paris based art director Juri Zaech created this concept bike called Write a Bike back in 2010 and I’m just sitting here patiently waiting for it to become a reality and to get my hands on one with MY name on it!

And the perfect wedding present…

For now, I’m sticking to hiring, couldn’t face a bike rack on the back of my car, they look so complicated and must take the joy of cycling away trying to manage them, but its OK because at some point you WILL see a Tory Fisher bike around town so watch out and try not to run me over.

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