Calling All Campers

Looking out of the window today and yes, thanks alot, because again it’s raining, not spitting, not drizzling, but properly raining, the cold, wet, big splodge rain… oh and lets throw in the wind, not force 10 gales but enough to make  carrying an umbrella a disaster and any chance of an unfrizzed barnet straight out of the window and into the big fat puddle/lake that is now the pavement.  So it got me thinking about summer!!! And the upcoming festivals, that require tents…for other people, not me, not my thing! I’ll do a festival, in fact I love a festival, just take me home at the end of the day please, anyway, I came across this beauty for the hardcore festival goers…

A one person (somehow I think not) tent that hooks onto a bike..

It’s called a Bush Trekka! How perfect is this for the teenagers who want to trail around the South of England going from one muddy field to another, not caring about hygiene or comfort or image!!! Even they can mange this, surely?

And ta da! Your bed for the night…

It’s your new best friend if you’re a biking tourist, festival going type! I might even stock up on a few for when the house overloads with teens, but at $900 a trailer maybe I’ll just shut the door and deal with the war zone in the morning!

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3 Responses to Calling All Campers

  1. ian says:

    V. Just put in an order for the bush trakka. Do you thing Mrs G will like if??????

  2. April says:

    I really, really love this! And i’m not a teenager 🙂

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