Bluebell Hunting

A great friend of mine has just left to go trekking…in Greece! High heels were packed, manicure installed and probably spray tan applied, am not entirely sure how many cocktail parties will be thrown in the Greek mountains, but Mrs S is 100% prepared! So I decided to go on a trek myself in hunt of a bluebell. A couple of years ago on another bluebell trek, I found this most stunning display in Wiltshire…

This year I’ve gone back to a regular out of town dog walk which usually has the most beautiful blanket of these purple visions expecting to be presented with the same natures gift.

It started off brilliantly with many a wild primrose…

Sooo pretty!!!

But as I headed deeper into the wood disappointment settled in as I found the bluebells were a little thin on the ground…literally!

Still beautiful…just a little lonely!

Does anyone know why please? What to do to fulfill the bluebell craving…a little moment in Jo Malone! Wild Bluebell Cologne 30ml £36

Or a Wild Bluebell Home Candle 200g £38

So at least whilst I wait for Mrs S to return with authentic olive oil and feta cheese I can at least pretend that my bluebell trek was a success…not that I would have picked any, of course!

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