Free Hermes Clutch

Now thats got your attention! But before you start hyperventilating with excitement, calm yourself a little because, yes it’s a free Hermes clutch, the Jige Clutch to be precise, it might not stand up to the CONSTANT rain that we are enjoying here in the UK, but it might work as a pretty receipt holder (indoor, desk drawer variety) and it will provide a rather satisfying craft moment…summon the children, particularly the girls. For the American audience, with Mothers Day fast approaching, its a cute little homemade gift, stick a photo, poem, letter in it and bingo satisfaction guaranteed!

All you do is click on, then click on the photo with the cut out bag image THEN click on “I want it”, print, cut, glue and you’re done! Here’s the choice…

Thank you Hermes!

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One Response to Free Hermes Clutch

  1. Cool bananas! Cheers:-)

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