Leather Forever

To celebrate their 175th anniversary, Hermes have opened an exhibition in London at 6 Burlington Gardens, the sister to the Royal Academy of Arts, featuring some of their most famous designs. 

Naturally, the Kelly and the Birkin bag will be displayed as well as equestrian related items too. Hermes began as saddle and harness maker, so it is only right to expect to see the swankiest of saddles on show

Best not to use this one on a muddy and grumpy Shetland pony!

These four bags represent Wales, Ireland, England and Scotland and will be auctioned off together with other leather must haves with all funds donated to The Royal Academy of Art.

And you can’t miss this Neon Kelly Bag, created by Alexandra Plat

Even if Hermes is not your thing or not in your budget, the latter being the most normal, you can’t help but appreciate the craftmanship of these products, the talented artisans train for years and years to produce and maintain the quality that is demanded.

And for the real addicts, some of the Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection will be featured and auctioned too.

The exhibition runs from May 8th to 27th, entry is free, unlike the bags, but maybe you can play some imaginary shopping and decide which colour or colours you would have…

More than 3 is just greedy!

Leather Forever, 6 Burlington Gardens, London, W1. May 8th-27th…free entry!!!

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