Extreme Icing

I don’t really pride myself as being a master baker, my cakes always turn out the same stodgy lumps no matter what I do, but the icing part, I feel I’m quite a dab hand at, especially given all the gizmos and pots of edible whatever etc to create a dazzling sensation of a cake. So imagine my envy when I came across Shelley Millers work….

All of this is icing, edible blue paint on sugar tiles and piped sugary details in an unbelievable art form. Montreal based artist Shelley creates her pieces purely for art, she is no cake baker. 

These Azulejo style murals can now be found in various ports around the world including Montreal and Salvador, Brazil. Obviously, they don’t last forever, being made solely of sugar, but some last longer than others…

The detail is incredible and definitely not one that I’ll be attempting to recreate on my lardy cupcakes, I think sticking to sugar flowers and a bit of glitter is as far as I’m going and at least mine are edible (kind 0f)!

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  1. ian says:

    where are you.
    E & I

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