Sold Out

This Rachel Roy bag should be accompanying me to many a summer event, but it’s gone and got itself sold out before I could get my mitts on it! 

Luckily, Rachel Roy as well as designing and producing collections of fashion heaven she is also big on producing fabulous bags all in the name of charity. Sadly this Ghana clutch will not be winding itself to me, but at some point another beauty will be designed and all for a good charitable cause.

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Bluebell Hunting

A great friend of mine has just left to go trekking…in Greece! High heels were packed, manicure installed and probably spray tan applied, am not entirely sure how many cocktail parties will be thrown in the Greek mountains, but Mrs S is 100% prepared! So I decided to go on a trek myself in hunt of a bluebell. A couple of years ago on another bluebell trek, I found this most stunning display in Wiltshire…

This year I’ve gone back to a regular out of town dog walk which usually has the most beautiful blanket of these purple visions expecting to be presented with the same natures gift.

It started off brilliantly with many a wild primrose…

Sooo pretty!!!

But as I headed deeper into the wood disappointment settled in as I found the bluebells were a little thin on the ground…literally!

Still beautiful…just a little lonely!

Does anyone know why please? What to do to fulfill the bluebell craving…a little moment in Jo Malone! Wild Bluebell Cologne 30ml £36

Or a Wild Bluebell Home Candle 200g £38

So at least whilst I wait for Mrs S to return with authentic olive oil and feta cheese I can at least pretend that my bluebell trek was a success…not that I would have picked any, of course!

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Calling All Campers

Looking out of the window today and yes, thanks alot, because again it’s raining, not spitting, not drizzling, but properly raining, the cold, wet, big splodge rain… oh and lets throw in the wind, not force 10 gales but enough to make  carrying an umbrella a disaster and any chance of an unfrizzed barnet straight out of the window and into the big fat puddle/lake that is now the pavement.  So it got me thinking about summer!!! And the upcoming festivals, that require tents…for other people, not me, not my thing! I’ll do a festival, in fact I love a festival, just take me home at the end of the day please, anyway, I came across this beauty for the hardcore festival goers…

A one person (somehow I think not) tent that hooks onto a bike..

It’s called a Bush Trekka! How perfect is this for the teenagers who want to trail around the South of England going from one muddy field to another, not caring about hygiene or comfort or image!!! Even they can mange this, surely?

And ta da! Your bed for the night…

It’s your new best friend if you’re a biking tourist, festival going type! I might even stock up on a few for when the house overloads with teens, but at $900 a trailer maybe I’ll just shut the door and deal with the war zone in the morning!

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Beautiful Bendy Books

This genius artwork by Cara Bearer just caught my eye! There’s something about the colour and the flow of the photographs…

This project was started by chance 7 years ago with an old phone book and since then Cara has proceeded to soak, dip, fold and fan her specifically chosen books and then photograph them to this stunning quality.

You just know she doesn’t have a Kindle…

And… “no important books were injured during the making of any of these photographs”

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Hot Tub Heaven

I do love a hot tub, but it’s always a better view from inside the hot bubbles as opposed to looking at it, they are not the most elegant of bathroom decor, outside deck or pool accessory. Even writing this I can’t help but think of the 1990’s bad vision of a plastic sunken jacuzzi or even worse, a pine sided hexagonal version. It’s safe to say that the swanky hotels and spas around the world have managed to produce the chic look to a spa bath all helped with good background music, many a posh candle and probably a massage before, but the at home tubs are still trailing behind until now….

Thank you Kaesch designs for producing such a beautiful collection of  tubs and yes please to any/all of them. These can  be used as a centrepiece for your bathroom, deck, pool as opposed to filling it with plants and pretending it never happened!

And my favourite…with  a TV, never have to miss an episode of  Newsnight or is it Question Time?

They can throw the view in too!

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Enjoy Yours!

Happy weekend everybody!!!!

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Le Fleaman

If you’re looking for a antique shopping daytrip over the next few weeks then head down to Arundel in West Sussex. And once you have toured the medieval castle, home to the Duke of Norfolk…

And wandered up the aisle of the magnificent cathedral…

Head along the high street to the most special antiques shop in town – Spencer Swaffer Antiques…

Spencer Swaffer is something of a phenomenon within the trade, dealing in antiques in Arundel for 40 years and still has to be the busiest trader in the business, with his stock constantly changing from week to week. For years he made weekly trips to the Paris flea markets, becoming so well known there that he was renamed Le Fleaman. Every piece is unique and the choice is outstanding, if something catches your eye, trust your instinct and buy it before someone else does!

Often, there is a humorous touch to his stock, but always stylish and effortlessly glamorous…

It is the Spencer Swaffer look that has made him one of the most celebrated dealers in the world of decorative antiques.

This is no lazy country antique shop and an almost compulsory port of call on your day trip to the town, as is the cream tea afterwards…another essential in the town of Arundel!

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